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Client Write-ups

These are just a few of the full-length tour write-ups, written by some of our off-road motorbike holiday customers in the past.


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"Back to normality tomorrow, gutted. I've just about recovered, the shoulders have stopped aching, the craving for a "vino tinto" at 4:30 in the afternoon has subsided. I had a great time out in Spain last week."

        Chris Wightman, Edinburgh

        Read Chris's full write up of the Terra Alta tour, as published on the Honda Trail Bike Forum,

"To sum it all up - a total buzz, excellent organisation, no stress - riding with a current BSB rider (Glen Richards), and ex motoGP winner (Simon Crafar), and an ex UK national champion moto-cross rider (can't remember his name - Mick somebody (sorry Mick)) and the likes of me all going at their own pace enjoying the company scenery food and bikes - recommend it to anyone."

        Craig Ferguson,

        Munich, Germany

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        Lesen Sie Craigs Bericht über seine Motorrad tour in den spanischen Pyrenäen.

"Now that we're finally home and things are back to normal, I have time to write to thank you and Alan and Simon for a great trip. It was everything you'd want in a trip like this: great people, great food, fun trails, lots of great riding. I have memories that will stay with me a long time: Simon in a stand up wheelie waving to kids at 100 kph, the spectacular scenery, the food (never had such good lunches on the trail before!), just everything. I thought the guys we rode with - Graham, Steven, Richard, and Anthony - were great people, and I wish to keep in touch with them. If you hear from them, tell them hello from Jake and me. Again, thanks so much. I hope to ride with you again soon. Let's keep in touch."

        Ben Baldridge, Philadelphia, USA

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"A shame it was all over and that we'd be flying home the next day. This was an experience I definitely want to repeat."

        Derek Weldon, Ossett, West Yorkshire

        Read Derek's full write up of the Andorra & Spanish Pyrenees tour, as published in West Yorks Advanced Motorcyclists magazine.

"What a refreshing change. After years of being ripped off in Britain it's hardly surprising that people get a little suspiciousof great deals. It seems every company out there (not just in the bike industry) wants to take as much money as they canand give the poorest possible service. Hardly surprising then that the handful of genuine companies don't need to advertise, but get by purely by word of mouth.

That said you could imagine how nervous I was when I booked a trailriding weekend in Andorra with a relatively unknown company called Trailbike Tours (advertised in your mag). To add to my nervousness, Trailbike Tours' price is inclusive of flights and transfers from Barcelona - unlike some of their competitors who leave you to organise your own travel arrangements. On top of this Trailbike Tours also boasted a brand new fleet of leccy-start DR-Z400s which especially appealed to me, as given sufficient funding, the DR is to be my next purchase.Surely this was all too good to be true.

Well it wasn't. I had one of the best weekends of my life. Everything promised was delivered.The bikes were top class, the protective clothing was top quality (Alpinestars, Dainese etc). Add to this a guide who knew the terrain like the back of his hand and let everyone get on with enjoying themselves and you couldn't go wrong. In addition the accommodation was top drawer, and as an extra you could buy a video of your antics as the guide recorded everything on a helmet cam.

If any readers are thinking about doing this sort of holiday then my advice to them is to just do it. It's the best trail riding I've ever done.

        Paul Quinn, Wigan. Published in TBM (Trail Bike & Enduro Magazine), October 2002.

"I would defy anyone not find it challenging and stretch most people to their limits. As a nurse, I have seen the end results of bikers seeking thrills on tarmac roads shared with cars - usually it's not the biker who comes out best. Well this is a far better, far safer way of burning off those excesses, offering excitement, exhilaration, exhaustion and a load of laughs.... (As well as a good way of getting your knee down.... and your elbow......and your backside.....and.....) We spent the weekend in the company of real like minded bikers - there were varying skill levels, but everyone was stretched to their limits. We made new friends, have fantastic photos and memories, and would thoroughly recommend this for a fun, good value weekend away."

        Melinda Nelson, Greenford, Middlesex

        Read Melinda's full write up of her Dirty Weekend in Andorra & the Spanish Pyrenees, as published on the Fazer Owners Club website,