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These are just a few of the reviews and comments made by some of our off-road motorbike holiday customers in the past.

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"Back to normality tomorrow, gutted. I've just about recovered, the shoulders have stopped aching, the craving for a "vino tinto" at 4:30 in the afternoon has subsided. I had a great time out in Spain last week."

        Chris Wightman, Edinburgh

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"Thanks for an excellent weeks riding. Have already started getting the guys organised for the next one, looks set for early summer or start of autumn."

        Graeme Searle, Gosport, Hampshire

"Everyone enjoyed the holiday (again!) this year so I thought it would be a good idea to start talking about dates for next year. I'm thinking of doing the Andorra trip this time as it would be nice to try some new trails. See ya next year"

        Chris Dooley, Reading

"Just to say thanks for all the effort that you put into arranging my days trailbike riding. I had a great time, the best fun I've had for ages, and I felt very well looked after all day, from getting a lift to the garage, lunch, lift back etc. I still can't believe that you can do so much riding off-road in one day - there just isn't the places to go where I live. It maybe wasn't a good idea getting a shot of a KTM though because I'm still wondering what I could sell to pay for one! Thanks again."

        Stuart Gray, Penicuik, Midlothian

"We landed safe after a nice and hot day at Barcelona, difficult to resume to work after the strong and emotional days with you. I believe the ride will be remember long time as an excellent experience. We are looking forwards to Terra Alta."

        Adi Palmon, Kfar-Saba, Israel

"Thanks again, we had a great ride."

        Clinton Jurd, NSW, Australia

"It was the best 2 grand we have ever spent, i think on the way home it all began to sink in as to what we had achieved and actually traveled. Fuckin amazing. Im sure we will be back at some point soon. On another note, i was reading a really famous British Magazine called T3 which is basically a magazine for boyz who want toyz. It covers TV reviews, laptop reviews to car and motorbike reviews. In one of the motorbike reviews there was an article about off roading on bikes and they recommended your place as the number one in Europe for offroading. Someone must like you up there. Anyway Dave thank you for a wicked weekend, we loved it. You have got yourself a real professional set up and wish you all the luck for the future."

        Ross MacMillan, Nurunberg, Germany

"Hi Dave, thanks for another great week, absolutely knackered this week..!!"

        Bryn Jones, Chester

"Thanks for the great time."

        Guy Davies, Scunthorpe

"To sum it all up - a total buzz, excellent organisation, no stress - riding with a current BSB rider (Glen Richards), and ex motoGP winner (Simon Crafar), and an ex UK national champion moto-cross rider (can't remember his name - Mick somebody (sorry Mick)) and the likes of me all going at their own pace enjoying the company scenery food and bikes - recommend it to anyone."

        Craig Ferguson, Munich, Germany

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        Oder es auf Deutsch hier lesen.

"Here we are back in good old wet blighty! Hope your trans-catalonia went smoothly! Once again thanks to you and Alan for a fantastic time! Showing people our pics and tales of food/trails/mountains etc - get the same response from everyone - can't wait to go. Have several interested people. As soon as I have people who are definite, and there are others we still have not yet seen! I will come back to you with numbers, but I can already say that it will be around the same time next year - June. Superb scenery, fantastic food and wine, spectacular trails all on the one main ingredient to guarantee a fantastic holiday - a motorbike then of course two fantastic guides - you made it all so good!"

        Derek & Pat Daas, Hampshire

"The Tech 4 boots are great. The cheapest I could get them for here is 140quid. With your discount the cost on the credit card after conversion was 90quid - nice one!! See you hopefully next year."

        Steve Corbett, Cambridgeshire

"Back in Eastern Russia, a slight difference! Thanks for the excellent holiday last week, my apologies for holding everyone up but I certainly had a grand time! Everything was as hoped for. I had a great holiday and intend returning."

        Alastair Wilson, Montrose, Scotland & Sakhalin Island, Eastern Russia

"Now that we're finally home and things are back to normal, I have time to write to thank you and Alan and Simon for a great trip. It was everything you'd want in a trip like this: great people, great food, fun trails, lots of great riding. I have memories that will stay with me a long time: Simon in a stand up wheelie waving to kids at 100 kph, the spectacular scenery, the food (never had such good lunches on the trail before!), just everything. I thought the guys we rode with - Graham, Steven, Richard, and Anthony were great people, and I wish to keep in touch with them. If you hear from them, tell them hello from Jake and me. Again, thanks so much. I hope to ride with you again soon. Let's keep in touch."

        Ben Baldridge, Philadelphia, USA

        Read Ben's full write up of the offroad Spanish Pyrenees tour , as published on


"Hi Dave, everithing perfect. Sorry I didn't see you last day. Hope to come and ride again together. See you soon"

        Marco Morosi, Milan, Italy

"I had a great time and enjoyed every moment (well apart from falling off that is) and the crazy thing is I want to come back for more, the only time though is in late October."

        Peter Everett, Colchester

"Thanks for a great holiday and I will be along to your Andorra trip in the very near future, with a couple of mates who are very good off road riders and are up for covering good distances daily."

        Peter Whitelegg, Middlewich, Cheshire

"Thanks again for the tour last week, you've certainly got great local knowledge of all the trails in the area! I felt like I learnt a lot over the three days, though I think I'll need to work on my arm/shoulder muscles before I come on another tour! I reckon you probably picked up the pace a bit for Craig's last 2 days, but thanks for your patience with me :o) Have a great rest of the years riding."

        Rob Crosby, Southampton

"I just wanted to say many thanks for the experience last week. I had an absolutely wonderful time. There are so many aspects of my holiday over there that made it such a great time; first of all doing such a thing as a female on my own.: I know that I am more than capable of being independent but it was a pleasant suprise to find that I wasn't thought of as just a 'silly girl' and treated like a real biker who loves bikes and can ride them a bit. Secondly I thought your style of guiding was excellent. You seemed to be able to gauge the pace that was right for me and to vary it according to how I was getting along. You were very patient when I had that little off and it took so long for my confidence to return. Another good thing was that many of the stops were at interesting places with something worthwhile to see there. And I learnt a lot about bike control that will improve both my on and off road riding. I shall certainly be spreading the word about your set up, and I'll be sure to tell the girls as well that it's a good place to go! All the best, and I hope to book another trip with you when I can."

        Sally Messenger, Colchester

"I'm already missing the mountain climbs and awesome views, blasting the olive groves and then kicking back in a mountain village restaurant enjoying great food and sharing a bottle of red wine (Im in total agreement, it improves your riding no end!!). Don't know if it was just me but I also loved riding through the towns and villages on the way to the mountains. Five blokes posing as best they can on 400cc enduros turns heads, smiling heads often with a happy wave was a new experience for me that's for sure. Remember the wee Spanish kid who wheelied his moped a quarter mile right up the main street !!!! a joy to behold (humbled, yes we were). What more can I say, great trails coupled to excellent company in first rate hotel = brilliant holiday, so I'm coming back with my mate in October this year for another five days riding."

        Andrew Dickson, Ayrshire

"Just a quick e to say thanks for the tour. Consensus on the plane back was we all had a thoroughly brilliant time irrespective of speed on the trail or volume consumed in the bar. The trails were brill and your guidance spot on but it didn't go unnoticed that it was your company through the evening and at breakfast, bringing the riders together, taking an interest and generally being a thoroughly good host that made it all the more enjoyable. I'll be surprised if we don't see you again - the trans Catalonia seems tempting."

        Graham Smith, Yorkshire

"Just a quick email to say - I had a great time in Terra Alta in October- cannot fault the holiday - hotel, bikes, trails, company all excellent - maybe see you in Andorra sometime."

        John de la Roche, Cheshire

"Many thanks for a 'Great Holiday' - met all my aspirations. Could feel the difference in my riding from the first day to the last"

        Kevin Wilton, Ashford, Kent

"Just back in work today :( what a downer. Firstly, thanks for a top holiday. I couldn't give you/Simon too much praise for the organisation, scenery, food, drink, bikes, craic !!!!! Wonderful. I'm still pickin' orange dirt out of my ass but at least I'm smiling. Hopefully we'll be back next year for another go. Say hello to the girls in the Bull Park!!"

        Colm Nolan, Holland

"Just wanted to drop a line to thank you again for a brilliant holiday. Everything went fantastically well thanks to all your organisation and effort. I would certainly recommend the holiday to anybody - great craic, great biking, great food, fabulous scenery. The holiday exceeded my expectations by a long way!! Can you also pass on our sincere thanks to Simon. He was a terrific guide- plenty of patience, good craic and he's not too bad on a bike either!!!!. It was a pleasure to be in his and your company throughout the holiday. Looking forward to next year already."

        Paul Whyte, Dublin


"Thanks once again for making our trip so enjoyable, can't wait to get out there again"

        Bob Shore, Reading

"Just a quick note to say thanks a lot for a great weekend... you are doing a grand job over their and we wish you all the success in what you are doing.. say thanks to gary also and we hope to be coming back in the not to distant future..take is crap here..."

        Wayne Lees, West Midlands

"I would like to thank you for a great three days riding in and around Andorra last week. It was challenging, exciting and enjoyable. I would highly recommend the trip to anyone and everyone and in fact I have been. We had a brilliant time - just a shame that words will never do it justice. I am sure we'll try and come back and experience the winter tours and then maybe Alan, if he is there, can stay on the bike!! Thanks again for a great weekend."

        Chris Pook, Kent

"A shame it was all over and that we'd be flying home the next day. This was an experience I definitely want to repeat."

        Derek Weldon, Ossett, West Yorkshire

        Read Derek's full write up of the Andorra & Spanish Pyrenees tour, as published in West Yorks Advanced Motorcyclists magazine.

"Just wanted to say thanks for the weekend, we both enjoyed it very much. We will definitely recommend to others and hopefully come back in the future. Allyson is now telling everyone she is the no 1 enduro rider because she has a bruised arm, and I fell off a cliff!"

        Bob & Allyson Adams, Birmingham

"Thanks for a great weekend, Dave - just excellent. I feel that I was rather over-cautious on the corners, both on and off road, but that didn't stop me enjoying the experience immensely. It had been a year since I'd ridden off road under anything more than pedal power, and my road riding has been rather infrequent this year, so if (when) I do have another bash at one of your tours then I'll be sure to prepare myself better. The good news is that I lost weight over the weekend, not just through loss of fluids, and also I have discovered my bathroom scales are faulty, so I'm not quite such a fat b****** as I thought! A few kilos off wouldn't do any harm though - it would be kinder on my knees when riding standing up. Sorry you never got your extra couple of hours in bed on Monday, thanks to Loz leaving his bag in your car - what a twonk! He wouldn't have blamed you if you had left him to sort it out himself, but thanks for what you did. If he had had to get a later flight, it would have caused him problems as we all travelled in one car to the airport, and he'd have had to go home by train instead. Hope Ian and Francis made up for it a bit, by helping you load the bikes. We'll buy you some extra beers next time..."

        Rick Sterry, Wakefield

"Well, how the h*ll are things over there in beautiful Andorra ?!?!?!? Jay and I were just talking about our trip (memories, re-living the fun) the other night over a couple beers !! We both really enjoyed out trip over there, meeting you and Alan and riding those awesome trails thru tiny Spanish villages . . .good stuff. If vacation time and $$$$ co-operate, don't be surpised if you see us again someday . . . we would love to come back and do it again. Take care, keep that company running OK so I can come back someday ... and don't let "the man" build up Andorra too much too fast, it's way too beautiful over there to spoil the countryside with lots of tourism."

        Mark Tennant, USA

"Muchas Gracias Dave! Great to see pics of Ben before he's even got back! I've been dying to see the scenery & Ben in action! I'm surprised he's not booked his return trip already! I know he's loved every minute. I'll check out the website for the Xmas break but as for the honeymoon - that will take a lot of persuading!! No doubt be in touch again soon........"

        Helen Worsley, Blackpool

"I wanted to thank you and Alan for making the trip so enjoyable. I had a great time and enjoyed riding with yourselves and the other guys booked on the trip at the same time. A well matched group I thought. The bikes were in great order and the gear was excellent. The scenery and the lunch stops were superb. I am now frustrated by the lack of trails in my area and trying to work out how I can get Helen to send me again next year!! Seriously, I will keep an eye on your website and endeavour to come again. Hope all's going well with your plans for the tours south of Barcelona. Cheers."

        Ben Lang, Blackpool

"Just wanted to say what an awesome week it was with you guys. Notwithstanding the bruises, grazes, blisters and final, irrefutable confimation that 5'6" classifies me as a shortarse - it was a really excellent time. The chance to actually off-road into areas that were (almost) unachievable by other means was superb and the rewards of views and challenges made the whole thing really worthwhile.The bars and rest stops were always welcome but also well chosen as they really gave us a feeling of being "in the country" rather than just tourists. Finally I must say that Alan proved to be a good humoured and conscientous leader so no one felt left out or intimidated by the pace. Oh, and one other thing, thanks for laying on consistently dry days! I wish you great success for the future (particularly with the arrival of next season's Russian team player!) and can assure you that I'll be spreading the word and pics."

        Adam Limbrey, Canterbury

"Thanks for an amazing holiday :) See you again soon."

        Shelley Parker, Wokingham

"Just got home on the ferry and thought I'd just say a big thank you for the trail-riding, Please pass on my thanks to Alan as well [hope the armidillo's are all well!]. Did Shelley manage to survive the week with her dodgy hand? The memories of the views will keep me going when I'm amongst the great unwashed!!!"

        Hamish Donald, West Lothian

"1st of all cheers for a great holiday - me and the lads thought it was sound. Nice to have someone else organise everything for you, instead of route finding around Europe and Spain!!"

        John Birch, Sheffield

"Crikey it's nearly a week since we stopped riding and I'm still knackered. I was so tired by the time we got to Barca airport I was hallucinating slightly! We managed to see a fair bit of Barcelona, most of it on foot and had another very late night. Got my photos printed off yesterday and they have come out really well. I'll put a CD together and send you both a copy. Anyway, thanks again for such an utterly superb time."

        Stuart Turnbull, West Sussex

"Hi - just a quick note to say a big thanks for the great time I had and for you putting up with my pace (snails). It's quickened me up a lot - thanks!!"

        Dave Cavell, Selby


"........You really did give that LOT extra. Fantastic holiday"

        Carl Hills, Dorset

"Just a line to say thanks again, we both had a great time out on the trial. I'm sure we will be back, probably to have a crack at the trans cat tour! If you think we could manage it! How are the English couple getting on?? Cheers "

        Gary Kemp, Jersey

"We both agreed it was one of the best trips ever - so a huge thanks again. DVD to follow + I will post the photos on the web so you can download if you want to. Let me know the next time you are in Barcelona so we can have a beer. Failing that I will try and get up to Andorra in 6 weeks for a ride out."

        Patrick Marsh, Barcelona

Thanks for a fantastic weekend guys, far out exceeded my expectations! Just at home now nursing a few minor race scrapes, but as they say, 'rubbin is racin'! Anyway guys, thanks again and hopefully catch up soon on the mountain for some fun in the snow.

        Mark Povey, Petersfield

"Just a note to wish you a happy New year and to thank you for the holiday. It really did get better and better (except my riding!!)We all had a brilliant time and would be interested in details of the tour down to southern Spain although probably not in 2004 (wives have other plans). I hope your business continues to do well and we will continue to spread the word. Best wishes for 2004."

        Tim Glanvill, Bath

"Well what can we say, we all had a really great time and will all return ASAP. I am already working on another group, fingers crossed !!!"

        Darren Gwyther, Ledbury

"Hey there Dave and Stu..Just a quick line to thankyou for an excellent holiday. The riding was a huge success and i was blown away by the way you guys do ya thing. I'm gonna tell all my mates back home and in the UK about it and if they know whats good for them they too will be blasting their way round the mountain roads at some stage. Thanks also for the support concerning my family crisis back at home that was very much appreciated. Dont do anything different guys... what ya doing is a blast. Thankyou P.S. Dave I would love to get a copy of that video we got on the last day. When ya have time give me a yell by return e-mail and I will get my sending address to ya. Oh yeah dont go editing you coming off in that puddle either!!!!"

        Andy Fraser, New Zealand

"Just a quick note to thank you and Stuart for the hospitality you provided last week - both Stewart McF & myself had an absolute blast of a time. After having a week back home we honestly cannot find fault with your all-round approach to a dam good week on the trails. Keep up this standard and you should have no worries."

        Mike Withey, Falkirk

"Just a quick note to say thanks very much for a fantastic time in Andorra. Idon't think it could have been any better - we all got home safe with no mishaps, apart from myself getting food poisoning the night after we left in some shithole in france. Just what I needed after getting soaked in the day. We all agreed we would love to come back, but fly this time. So I think we may book something with you for early next year - maybe April time, once we have spoken to Dave and Mark who both seemed keen for more. Please keep in touch, we all wish you all the best with your business and will recommend you highly and look forward to the next trip. Hope Stuart has recovered!!"

        Steve Forster, Eire

"Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the last few days with you all. I had a great time and appreciated how much you looked after me and ensured that I had the best possible time despite being on my own. If you would like me to send you a fuller testimonial of events to use on your website please let me know - I could also email some of the photos. I could do 2 versions: the first would include getting a soaking, putting cows in my racing line, getting stopped by both sets of border police, deliberately getting me pissed etc.!!... ...or the second would include what a great trime I had. Rachel is still recovering from Ruben (Xaus)'s phone call and appreciates the poster. I also enjoyed 'jamming' with Stuart & Simon (Crafar). Thanks again and the best of luck with all your ventures and adventures."

        Gerry Benson, Kent


"I've copied the videos over, so if you email your man's address, Ican get the DV tapes across to him. Ive attached some pics Itook as well and some clips from the video that have come out pretty good. Thanks again for the great week, the grin has just worn off."

        Daniel Dietrich, Australia


"Thankyou once again for a fantastic weekend. I don't think you ever really appreciate how good holidays are until you get back to blighty. We are all still smiling as per the attached photo! We have all talked about the Andorra to Mediterranean trip but the other boy's will have to convince their burds-a problem I don't have!!! Cheers and all the best Mick P.S. I have a feeling we will be back."

        Mick Ginn, Lancashire

"What a refreshing change. After years of being ripped off in Britain it's hardly surprising that people get a little suspiciousof great deals. It seems every company out there (not just in the bike industry) wants to take as much money as they canand give the poorest possible service. Hardly surprising then that the handful of genuine companies don't need to advertise, but get by purely by word of mouth.

That said you could imagine how nervous I was when I booked a trailriding weekend in Andorra with a relatively unknown company called Trailbike Tours (advertised in your mag). To add to my nervousness, Trailbike Tours' price is inclusive of flights and transfers from Barcelona - unlike some of their competitors who leave you to organise your own travel arrangements. On top of this Trailbike Tours also boasted a brand new fleet of leccy-start DR-Z400s which especially appealed to me, as given sufficient funding, the DR is to be my next purchase.Surely this was all too good to be true.

Well it wasn't. I had one of the best weekends of my life. Everything promised was delivered.The bikes were top class, the protective clothing was top quality (Alpinestars, Dainese etc). Add to this a guide who knew the terrain like the back of his hand and let everyone get on with enjoying themselves and you couldn't go wrong. In addition the accommodation was top drawer, and as an extra you could buy a video of your antics as the guide recorded everything on a helmet cam.

If any readers are thinking about doing this sort of holiday then my advice to them is to just do it. It's the best trail riding I've ever done.

        Paul Quinn, Wigan. Published in TBM (Trail Bike & Enduro Magazine), October 2002.

".........what a great time I had, fantastic! My best biking experience ever"

        John Evans, Kidderminster

"I would defy anyone not find it challenging and stretch most people to their limits. As a nurse, I have seen the end results of bikers seeking thrills on tarmac roads shared with cars - usually it's not the biker who comes out best. Well this is a far better, far safer way of burning off those excesses, offering excitement, exhilaration, exhaustion and a load of laughs. (As well as a good way of getting your knee down...... and your elbow....... and your backside...... and......) We spent the weekend in the company of real like minded bikers - there were varying skill levels, but everyone was stretched to their limits. We made new friends, have fantastic photos and memories, and would thoroughly recommend this for a fun, good value weekend away."

        Melinda Nelson, Greenford, Middlesex

        Read Melinda's story of her dirty weekend in Andorra & the Spanish Pyrenees, as published on the Fazer Owners Club website,

"We had a really fantastic time last weekend, a great experience! We were very impressed by the personal servive you provided, and the friendly way it was all handled. You were incredibly patient and helpful which made Melinda and I feel we were being well taken care top marks for that!"

        Chris Whiteley, London

"'s been like one of those holidays you see on the TV"

        Mark O'Neill, Crewe


"Just a quick note to thankyou for a great weekend (stag do) - really enjoyed it as did the rest of us. We have the videos!!!, they are great. I'm having an Andorra Trail bike evening this week so the whole gang can come round and view the videos, Stuart got some good shots in, especially of Craig who was being a real 'Woman' with his riding style (Slooooooooooooow). I'll have a chat with the guys this week about booking up for next year. Many thanks to you and Stuart for a fantastic experience, lets do it again next year!"

        Vernon Whitaker, Newport Pagnell