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Ride Well, Have Fun, Stay Safe........

Everybody knows that when it comes to safety gear, there's a big difference betwen quality protective clothing, and the products which look similar, but are sold at a budget price. Many years ago, in the bar after a day's riding, the conversation got around to the safety gear we'd provided our clients for the tour. They were seriously impressed that we'd invested in such high quality products, and they were trying to persuade us to publicise it. So much, that Kieran Graham, one of our regular clients, wrote a few words in the next 5 or 10 minutes.......

"Trailbiking, like any other form of motorsport, can undoubtedly be dangerous. That is why, at Trailbiketours, our first priority is your safety. There are several things we consider to support our aim of giving you an exciting and challenging holiday, in as much safety and comfort as possible.

Firstly, the bikes. We use the very torquey KTM 450 EXC, 525 EXC, 530 EXC-R and Suzuki DR-Z400E (it was back in 2008), which have the optimum combination of power, weight and rideability for these trails. Professional off-road racers may test the limits of these bikes, but for the rest of us mere mortals, they will not disappoint! Booted with the Michelin T63 or Mitas equivalent, we get the best grip for both off-road and on-road use.

We provide you with the very best safety clothing available on the market. Dainese spacesuits combine comfort with back, elbow, shoulder and chest protection; Alpinestars riding suits, Tech 6 boots and carbon-knuckled gloves are all provided in your size, Axo helmets and knee pads, and either Oakley or Scott goggles complete the package. You may end up looking and feeling like Robocop, but numerous minor injuries have been avoided using this gear - it is unquestionably the best. Looks good for the photos, too!

Dainese offroad motorbike body protection

Why have we spent so much on safety gear - over 1000 euros worth for 1 full set, whereas some of our competitors risk putting clients out in 300 euros worth of cheap and nasty gear? Simple - your safety is our number one consideration, and that means wearing the very best protective gear that money can buy.

Alpinestars Tech3 offroad motorbike boots

The trails we have carefully chosen will test the ability of the most experienced off-roaders, while at the same time allowing novice riders to pick their way through in safety. We encourage everyone to ride to the extent of their ability, and our tour leaders will offer guidance on riding style, routes, the various surfaces you will encounter (and there are many!), and the kind of grip you can expect. As much as possible we mix people with similar abilities, but always ensure that no-one is either held back or put under too much pressure.

Axo offroad motorbike helmet

Using the best equipment and safety gear, we aim to provide for your safety. Ultimately, however, you are in charge, as you've got the throttle, so the biggest factor of all in terms of your safety is yourself.

Just remember, the best riders are those who don't fall off......"

Written around 2008 by Kieran Graham, a client on our Terra Alta tours, who was VERY impressed by our safety considerations.

Kieran, by the way, was Chief Technical Officer at Qatar Airways.

Offroad motorbike touring specialists

Ride well, have fun, stay safe..........