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The Best Offroad Riding in Spain

Quality off-road motorbike tours on carefully-selected trails in the mountains of north-east Spain.

Offroad Motorbike Holidays

Offroad enduro tours in Spain, from a single day to a full week holiday, riding on different trails in different areas every day.

Where We Ride

TrailbikeTours started running offroad tours and motorbike holidays from Andorra in the Pyrenees in 2002, and a few years later we moved to north-east Spain. Every move since then has been to an area where the offroad riding is better than before. Here in Aragon we think we've found the ultimate offroad paradise - and it's not only because of the riding that we say that.

We're based in Valderrobres, a perfectly restored rural town on the edge of Els Ports Natural Park, in Aragon but near the borders of both Catalonia and Valencia regions. In the heart of the scenic Matarraña district, and on the eastern side of Aragon, we ride in every direction from base.

Matarraña is an agricultural area producing many types of fruit, particularly olives and almonds, and for what's left of it, some small-scale free-to-roam animal farming. For this, there are dirt trails spidering the region, out into the mountains and the Natural Park to the south, the River Ebro and the Pyrenees to the north, the Mediterranean to the east, and into the desert-like Aragonese plains as we ride west.

Offroad motorbike tours in Aragon, Catalonia and Valencia

Offroad adventures on enduro dirtbikes

The Matarraña District of Teruel Region in Aragon

Matarraña is a comarca (a county) in Teruel Region, the most sparsely populated region of Spain. Although it was well-populated in past times, the move to more intensive farming elsewhere in Spain has dispersed the country population, leaving vast areas of Teruel uninhabited, and providing us with an unlimited amount of superb riding trails.

However Matarraña, the district in Teruel we're based in, is a living, working and thriving rural environment. Very popular with domestic tourists, but often overlooked by foreign tourists, it's commonly known as "The Tuscany of Spain". The economy revolves around tourism and agriculture - very small-scale agriculture, and still done in the old traditional ways, generally by very old Spanish farmers. This way of life is slowly disappearing from Spain, so to see it in such majestic scenery, from astride a KTM, will leave impressions rarely held by "normal" tourists to Spain.

Go places most tourists never go, and see the spectacular scenery

Maestrazgo, Terra Alta and Els Ports Natural Park

As we're based in the centre of Matarraña, our offroad routes take us in all directions through the county. Heading east, we ride in Terra Alta, Catalonia. Translated as "high ground", Terra Alta is famous for it's vineyards and as the name suggests, some great trails leading to mountaintops with spectacular 360 degree views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Spanish Pyrenees.

Maestrazgo is to the west, and is where we go on days where we really want to cover some distance. Practically deserted, and with superb trails of every imaginable type of terrain, Maestrazgo is an offroad rider's paradise.

Els Ports Natural Park is an epic day's offroad riding. Through Matarraña then into the park by mid-morning, we won't see tarmac again until late afternoon. What we will see though is spectacular scenery all day, on deserted trails which just get better as the day goes on.

Single track offroad riding

Where we ride offroad in Spain

Offroad motorbike tours in Els Ports Natural Park, Aragon, Catalonia and ValenciaEls Ports

A rugged, dramatic inland Natural Park, covering the most mountainous regions of Aragon, Catalonia and Valencia regions.

Riding offroad in Matarraña, Teruel, AragonMatarraña

With it's traditional towns and villages, it's vineyards and terraced olive groves, Matarraña is often compared with Tuscany.

Maestrazgo region, Teruel, AragonMaestrazgo

A sparsely-populated mountainous area on the eastern side of the Sistema Ibérico, rich in history, scenery and dirt trails!!

Terra Alta region, Catalonia, SpainTerra Alta

A comarca (county) in the mountainous western area of Catalonia, producing some of the best Spanish wine.

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Offroad motorbike tours in Aragon, Catalonia and Valencia regions of north-east Spain.