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About TrailbikeTours

TrailbikeTours was founded in 2001 in the tiny country of Andorra, high in the Pyrenean Mountains. We started running offroad motorbike tours in Andorra and the Spanish Pyrenees in 2002, then from 2004 in the Catalonia, Aragon and Valencia regions of Spain.

Now based in Valderrobres in Aragon, in the Spanish mountains of north-east Spain, our tours take us through some of the most beautifully scenic and unspoilt areas of inland, off-the-beaten-track, rural Spain.

Far cooler than the Spanish costas in summertime, we ride in lush, verdant, rugged scenery, often compared with the Rocky or Yosemite Mountains. We've chosen this area deliberately because we believe it's the best area in Spain for offroad motorbike tours.

Our aim every day is to ride a route which has the most amazing scenery, and on trails which are great fun to ride. With the thousands of kilometres on our doorstep, we adjust the route as every day progresses, to fit in with the overall abilities and wishes of the group. Our tours are for riders of all ages, experience and abilities, although we always ensure that riders on each tour are of similar level. We set the routes and difficulty level according to every group, and we ensure that no matter how experienced offroad the riders are, everyone will improve their skills, and enjoy riding offroad in a truly exceptional area of Spain.

At TrailbikeTours, enduro motorbikes are our passion. Our philosophy is different from most of our competitors. We enjoy tours where the goal is to cover as much distance as possible, have very few stops, and make the most of what's possible in this area. The stops are decided by the group, and if everybody's up for it, then we're happy to "push on". Every day's route can be altered and extended, and if all's going well, it can easily turn into another "mega-day".

However we're also passionate about the area we live and "work" in, and we take great pleasure from showing riders as much as we can of this wonderful region. It's one of the great undiscovered gems in Spain, untarnished by tourism, and surely the best way of discovering it is by offroad motorbike. So stopping to appreciate what we're seeing now and again really shouldn't be missed - the memories will live forever.

The TrailbikeTours Team


Founder of TrailbikeTours, and now with over 19 years of offroad guiding on the best trails in Spain. It's hard work, but somebody has to do it!!


When not out in the mountains on a KTM, Martin can be found indulging his passion for cat-fishing, or on the incredible roads in the area, on his BMW R1200GS.

Irish DaveIrish Dave

Either on the pegs of a KTM, or with a spanner in his hand (and some other bike or car), motorsport and mountains are in Irish's lifeblood.


A relatively recent convert to the pleasures of the Spanish mountains, as seen from the back of a KTM........ and now addicted to it.

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