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Aragon Tour

Based in the enchanting rural town of Valderrobres in the Matarraña area of Aragon, our Aragon tours are run in one of the most picturesque and motorsport friendly areas of Spain.

With a diverse range of ever-changing scenery, and trails of every description, Aragon is suitable for riders of all offroad experience and ability. Whether you've never been offroad on a motorbike before, or whether you reckon you're Baja Aragon or Paris Dakar standard, Aragon is the perfect offroad playground.

The numerous routes we ride have been researched and designed to include the best varied terrain and scenery possible. From sandy trails meandering through vineyards, to stony dry river beds, rocky climbs and descents to the river crossings, jumps, "fast blasts" and the spectacular scenery, Aragon has all the ingredients for quality off-road riding.

Each day's riding we do from Valderrobres is in different areas, and we ride not only in the Matarraña district of Aragon, but in Terra Alta, Catalonia, as well as a day or more in the spectacular Els Ports Natural Park. When possible, and depending on the level of the group, we ride a much longer day , through Matarraña and into the Maestrazgo mountains.

Every day begins and ends riding the trails through Matarraña, and as the day progresses we venture further afield. Just how far obviously depends on what the group can or want to do, but we obviously have favourite days which we run on every tour. The choice of trails we have means we can extend or shorten the routes as we go, so we know all groups will make it - one way or the other.

On a typical 3 or 4 day tour, we'll ride routes in Matarraña, the Natural Park, and we'll be riding in Aragon, Valencia and Catalonia regions of Spain. Every route is very different from the others, but with one common goal - to get us to one of the specially-selected Spanish country restaurants for an exceptional lunch!!

Our Els Ports Natural Park route takes in the very best of the majestic park, which streches from Aragon into both Catalonia and the Valencia regions, with it's spectacular vistas and never-ending dirt trails. The park is protected, practically uninhabited, where we're more likely to see eagles and ibex, and with very few signs of civilisation, except of course a few KTMs to get us there.

Aragon tour


The most motorsport-friendly region of Spain, with thousands of kilometres of traffic-free dirt trails.


With it's traditional towns and villages, it's vineyards and terraced olive groves, Matarraña is often compared with Tuscany.

Els Ports Natural Park

A rugged, dramatic inland Natural Park, covering the most mountainous regions of Aragon, Catalonia and Valencia regions.

Terra Alta

A comarca (county) in the mountainous western area of Catalonia, producing some of the best Spanish fruit and wine.

Aragon offroad motorbike tours

Offroad motorbike tours in the most motorsport-friendly region of Spain.