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Terra Alta, Spain

Our off-road motorbike tours in the Terra Alta region of Spain started in November 2004. After successfully running tours in Andorra, the Spanish Pyrenees and Trans-Catalonia for several years, demand from existing clients for somewhere to ride all year round encouraged us to set up our new Terra Alta tours.

After taking over Catmototours, an offroad motorbike holiday company very similar to TrailbikeTours, we now have the advantage of many years of local knowledge in the Terra Alta region of Catalonia, Spain. Mix that with a perfect riding climate, our experience in off-road motorbike holidays, and the result is a biking holiday to remember...
Offroad motorbiking - 365 days per year.

The Terra Alta tours are run in the mountainous Terra Alta region of Spain - roughly 160 km south of Barcelona. The mountains, enclosing the fruit-growing plantations of the Delta de l'Ebre, are unique in being so rugged, but yet fertile. Over the centuries, the once-thriving agricultural district had to built dirt tracks everywhere to get the fruit to market - so to every road builder of then, we thank you now!!

Thousands of kilometres of trails for quality off-road riding.
The tours, running all year round, are based in a 4-star beach hotel, and touring into the mountains every day. From the hotel in the picturesque Mediterranean fishing village of L'Ampolla, it's only a short ride to the Terra Alta mountains. As one of Spain's lesser-known regions, steeped in history and unspoiled by tourism or development, this really is Spain - traditional Spain (but as seen from a motorbike!!) And as luck would have it - 1000s of kilometres of superb dirt-tracks, with scenery to match.

The numerous routes have been researched and designed to include the best varied terrain and scenery possible. From sandy trails meandering through vineyards, to stony dry river beds, rocky climbs and descents to the river crossings, jumps, "fast blasts" and the spectacular scenery, the Terra Alta region has all the ingredients for quality off-road riding. Terra Alta tours are aimed at riders of all experience levels, From novice offroaders to top enduro riders, we have trails which will test anyone.

Offroad biking heaven

A "normal" first morning would start by riding 15 - 20 minutes on the road, fuelling / stocking up if necessary, then into the olive groves with flat, dry, smooth, clay surfaces with a covering of loose gravel and pebbles - feeling the bike slide about at slower speeds is the best way, we reckon, to get fully in-tune with the KTM 450EXC, 525EXC, 530EXC or Suzuki DR-Z400E. Then onto faster, softer clay tracks, meandering through the fruit trees and woods. A few steeper inclines, with some really loose downhills, a 15 minute top-gear blast and by the end of the first morning you'll be set for anything......

We then cross the River Ebro on Spain's last current-powered ferry, to Miravet, the stunning medieval village on the banks of the river. Back onto petrol-power again, and it's a 5-minute ride from the ferry, through the village and up to the ruined 12th-century castle at the top for some panoramic views of where we've been - and where we'll be going as the days go on.

Hopefully the morning's biking has given us an appetite, as it's 2 minutes back down to the local restaurant, out onto the rooftop terrace, and a 4-course traditional Catalan feast.

The afternoon then has more varied terrain trails, including a challenging long uphill climb to more spectacular 360 degree views of the area. We pass Corbera d'Ebre, a country town destroyed in the civil war, deserted, and left practically untouched since then. From then it's back into the valleys for as much more biking as everybody is up for. Faster, more flowing trails now as we follow the labyrinth of "caminos", winding through the fruit plantations, seemingly on trails made for dirtbikers. Here we'll see beginners get their first real "air", and experts do more and higher jumps than they would have thought possible on a trail.

The Spain most tourists don't see
Offroad motorbike tours - par excellence

The other trails in our Terra Alta tours take us over rugged mountain peaks, through a spectacular natural park, and include days where, if everybody's up for it, well over 200 kilometres of spectacular offroad biking.

Terra Alta tours are suitable for all motorbike riders, irrespective of off-road experience. Novices and lesser experienced riders will be given help and advice to improve their skills, and encouraged to learn as much as possible whilst with us. There are no parts of the main Terra Alta trails which are too difficult for novices - sometimes they just take longer, so we have to change to a shorter route on the way back. We have routes for all abilities, including trails for more experienced riders where we would never dream of taking novices.

For faster and very experienced riders, the first day described above would just be extended on different trails so as to get more mileage, corners, jumps, smiles etc... Or of course, we could have a longer lunch.........

Forget the Costas - see the real Spain
Our tours have been designed, not only to ride the best trails and see the best scenery in the area, but also to give an insight into the history, the culture, and what life really is like in this undeveloped area of Spain. Whether it's the fruit growers tending their orange trees on the plains of the River Ebro, or the "pastor" tending his flock of sheep or goats on the mountainside, you just know this scene hasn't been set up for the camera - this is "normal everyday life" around here.

There's trails which lead to 16000 year old cave paintings and others which go through the village of Horta de Sant Joan, where Picasso lived. All this history and rural beauty, and a wave from the locals because we're on motorbikes.... Nearly all the trails are in Catalonia, although one route does cross into Aragon.

The routes for the following days will be set, with the different speeds and abilities of the riders taken into consideration. We are very flexible here, so can set routes easy or challenging enough for every rider. We'll balance the "cultural stops" to the amount of interest expressed by riders, and gauge the mileage, speeds and terrain in order to test everyone, and within each rider's limits.

Bottom line is........ we want you to have a great time, tell everyone, and come back again!!

The best dirtracks in Spain.

Since 2008 we have used the luxurious 4-star Hotel Flamingo in L'Ampolla. This hotel was chosen as it is by far the highest quality hotel in the area. Opened in 2005, and situated 2 minutes walk from the village centre, the hotel enjoys panoramic views over the Mediterranean sea, looking directly out to the Delta of Spain's longest river, the River Ebre. It boasts every possible luxury - indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sauna, internet connection in every room, and Wi-Fi in the bar / foyer area. Where possible, all TrailbikeTours clients will have rooms with sea views and large sun-facing balconies.

Non-riding guests welcome.

Bikes, scenery, food - the perfect holiday

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