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With many thousands of kilometres of quality trails on our doorstep, probably the best scenery in Spain, and the experience of TrailbikeTours, you are guaranteed an incredible biking adventure.

Spectacular scenery - as seen from a motorbike.


It is strange that Aragon is so relatively unknown in the world of offroading. With tens of thousands of kilometres of unrestricted and varied trails, Aragon, the most motorsport-friendly area of Spain, is an offroader's paradise. With stunning scenery around every corner, and a genuine welcome from any locals we happen to meet, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to setting daily routes. Based in Valderrobres, the historical capital of the area known as "The Tuscany of Spain", we ride every day on different trails of varying degrees of difficulty. We'll gauge exactly how much or how little the clients want to do, and we'll set the routes accordingly.
Our main base is in the historic and picturesque town of Valderrobres, set in the mountains at an altitude of over 500 metres (the is the lowest altitude we ride at), and 250 metres from the dirt trails!! It's an hour from the Mediterranean coast, and half an hour from the new Motorland racing circuit, used for the Aragon MotoGP every September. In closer proximity, there's 25 or so bars, pubs, cafes, restaurants, and nightclubs......within 5 minutes walk of the hotels we use.

Terra Alta

The numerous Terra Alta routes in southern Catalonia have been researched and designed to include the best varied terrain and scenery possible. From sandy trails meandering through vineyards, to stony dry river beds, rocky climbs and descents to the river crossings, jumps, "fast blasts" and the spectacular scenery, the Terra Alta region has all the ingredients for quality off-road riding.
Our tours have been designed, not only to ride the best trails and see the best scenery in the area, but also to give an insight into the history, the culture, and what life really is like in this undeveloped area of Spain. Whether it's the fruit growers tending their orange trees on the plains of the River Ebro, or the "pastor" tending his flock of sheep or goats on the mountainside, you just know this scene hasn't been set up for the camera - this is "normal everyday life" around here.


Ride some of the best trails in Europe in our spectacular Trans-Catalonia tours. Nestling in the mountains of the Pyrenees, Andorra has thousands of kilometres of dirt tracks within a couple of hours ride. Thanks to the farmers, the forestry, the fire workers, and the centuries of smuggling tax-free goods out of the country, there's now a labyrinth of trails around the area, all in different states of repair, and all just perfect for trailbikes.
Trails range from easy, with various different types of terrain, to more demanding with steep, stony, sandy and rocky trails which will provide a challenge to even the most experienced rider. Water crossings, tighter forest trails, fast mountain tracks - in fact everything except deep mud!! The Trans-Catalonia route heads south out of Andorra, through the spectacular Spanish Pyrenees, down through the foothills, then finally the lower plains towards the coast. Faster, smoother sections through farming and vineyard country eventually take us to the final destination of L'Ampolla, the attractive Mediterranean village where we base our Terra Alta tours.
This tour can be run in either direction.

Spanish Pyrenees

Our Spanish Pyrenees route from Andorra follows the high Pyrenees, just south of the Spain / France border, climbing and descending countless mountains, through lush, green valleys, and always surrounded by diverse stunning views. Through remote areas inaccessible to most locals, let alone tourists, the mountains eventually flatten out, and we arrive at Roses, a picturesque Mediterranean resort. Heading away from Andorra, the trails are rugged and mountainous, twisty, and with some testing climbs and ascents. As we're at the top of the Pyrenean Mountains here, don't expect the trails to be well-maintained - some are in poor condition (which only adds to the fun). Don't expect to stay dry either (unless it hasn't rained for ages) - the "puddle section" as we call it, you will love........ We ride the spectacular forest trails until nearly an hour from the coast, then ease off as we head down into Roses, looking forward to a beer on the beach to celebrate the tour!!
This tour can be run in either direction.


1800 km in seven days biking will introduce you to a selection of great trails ranging from fast winding tracks up mountain passes and through open meadows, cruising through verdant valleys, manoeuvering deep washouts, following arid sandy tracks across the Monegros Desert, finding our way through sections of undergrowth, and tricky steep tracks - just a selection of some of the varied terrain that real enduro enthusiasts will appreciate. The ultimate offroad biking odyssey through Spain, every imaginable terrain is waiting to be discovered by you going from Andorra to the coast near Coimbra in Portugal, or back.
The Trans-Spain tour is not suitable for complete novice off-road riders.


From Moscow to South Ural - 4,000 km through the heart of Russia - by KTM 450EXC, car and aeroplane. Enjoy breathtaking contrasts of this unique country while as always, we take care of your comfort, safety, and all logistics.
As with all our tours, we invite you not only for an exciting offroad motorbike adventure but also for an insightful 10 day journey to a different part of the world. We hope to make you love this very unique and beautiful country, and we will do our best to show you what Russia is really about!
Far from the hectic rush of everyday life, revive the feeling of real freedom on an offroad motorbike. No matter what you've done in the past, you will remember this journey as your most remarkable motorbike tour ever, for the rest of your life.
The Ural Mountains tour is not suitable for complete novice off-road riders. That's not to say they wouldn't make it, but we do recommend novices should consider our Terra Alta tours first. Riders with some experience on off-road motorbikes, or who have done a few days on one of our other tours would considered this a challenge, and most definitely possible.


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Aragon - ARA
Terra Alta - TA
Trans-Catalonia - TC
Spanish Pyrenees - SP
Trans-Spain - TS

Ural Mountains, Russia - UMR

Off-road motorbike holiday calendar

Aragon - all year
erra Alta - all year
Trans-Catalonia - late April until early November
Spanish Pyrenees - early May until late October
Trans-Spain - early May until late October

Ural Mountains, Russia - June, July & August

Tours have no fixed start and finish days. Bookings are taken on a "first-come, first-served" basis, with future tours and bookings arranged from there.

Endless dirtbike trails for quality off-road riding.
Combination tours can be arranged - eg 2 days riding Terra Alta, a day riding up to Aragon, then 2 days riding in Aragon.

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