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The trails we use have all been specifically chosen by us, and are the result of thousands of miles of hard work researching them (but it's been good fun...) Every route has been carefully planned to get the most enjoyable off-road biking, and all amidst exceptional scenery.

We're based in Valderrobres, in the Matarrana region of Aragon, in north-east Spain. The trails in the surrounding area are endless, unused, and lead us from one "view to remember", to the next. We use some of the trails of the Baja Espana - the premier annual event in the Spanish offroad calendar. Here there's many trails which are generally reasonably well maintained, which makes it more possible to achieve longer distances each day - ideal for novice offroad riders. For experienced riders, we ride the more difficult trails - steeper, looser, and more technically-demanding. - test your skills on the Baja special bike stages. Aragon tours are ideal for groups of riders with mixed offroad experience, as the lesser-experienced can easily avoid the difficult stretches - and in some cases they can stand and watch the more adventurous as they attempt the climbs / descents.

Terra Alta tours start from and return every day to the hotel in L'Ampolla. Here we have trails for all abilities, as there's simply more dirt trails in this area than tarred roads. Starting with flat, dry, clay surfaces with a covering of loose shingle, it's the best way, we reckon, to get fully in-tune with the Catalonian terrain on the first morning. Then onto faster, softer clay tracks, meandering through the fruit trees and woods. A few steeper inclines, with some really loose downhills, and by the end of the first day you'll be set for anything...... The other trails in our Terra Alta tours take us over rugged mountain peaks, through a spectacular natural park, along testing dry river beds, and include days where, if everybody's up for it, way over 200 kilometres of spectacular offroad biking.

Our Trans-Catalonia tour. Trails range from easy, with various different types of terrain, water crossings, to more demanding, steep, rocky trails which will provide a challenge to even the most experienced rider. You will without doubt be astounded (on any of our tours) at not only the quality of the trails, but also that it's possible to ride all day without meeting another vehicle. Knowing the locals though, any you did meet would more than probably give you a wave and a few Catalan words of encouragement.

Our Spanish Pyrenees tours to the Mediterranean are more of a challenge, primarily because of the far greater distances covered - normally in excess of 200 kilometres per day. The trails are the closest we know to perfection for experienced offroad riders, and the views simply astounding..... The trails are just as varied as our other tours, and on this route we cover more distance between stops. Starting at high-altitude Andorra, trails are more mountainous, rugged and technical, but more resembling our Terra Alta tours closer to the coast.

Trans-Spain tours from Andorra to Portugal will introduce you to a selection of great trails ranging from fast winding tracks up mountain passes and through open meadows, cruising through verdant valleys, manoeuvering deep washouts, following arid sandy tracks across the Monegros Desert, finding our own way through sections of undergrowth, and tricky steep tracks - just a selection of some of the varied terrain that real enduro enthusiasts will appreciate. In 1800 km in 7 days you will experience nearly all types of terrain imaginable....

In our Ural Mountains, Russia tour, the trails really can be whatever you want to ride on. The difference with Russia is that nearly all the trails and land is owned by the state, and there are no restrictions on where you can ride. Some trails will be used regularly by locals on their 40 year old machinery, and others are so abandoned that apart from us, probably nobody else will pass all year. Some trails are only ever used by the massive 6x6 Russian forestry trucks - the mess they make of the ground means 4x4s would probably never get through, but we eventually do. A lot of the time, there are no trails - riding through the forests we know where we will end up, but we have an infinite number of ways we can get there. All part of the adventure!!

Off-road biking heaven

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