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NEW TOUR - Aragon, Spain

After a lot of time in the planning, TrailbikeTours are delighted to announce our new offroad tours, operating from Valderrobres in the Matarrana area of Aragon, in north-west Spain. We looked all over Spain for a new area to run tours in, and after a couple of years of research, decided the best area for what we want is Aragon. Our priorities were.....
Offroad motorbiking - 365 days per year.

Superb trails of every different type of surface (we know over 2000 km so far within a day's riding.)

Thousands of kilometres of trails for quality off-road riding.
Superb scenery.

VERY little traffic.

Good restaurants for lunch.

Dirt trails within 5 minutes of the hotel

A lively town to eat / socialise in the evening.

A REAL taste of what Spain's really about........

So we chose Valderrobres as our new HQ, as of late 2010. We had the choice of anywhere in Spain.......

Offroad biking heaven

Anyone who has previously ridden more than a couple of days on our Terra Alta tours, will have already tasted Aragon. The far side of our epic "Natural Park" route crossed the border into Aragon, and practically everybody said that this was the highlight of their tour. The scenery is spectacular, the trails are endless, and the riding is unequaled anywhere.

The Baja Aragon Espana is held near here every July. Why do they choose this area every year to hold the premier offroad event in Spain? Well now we know, and you can now ride the same trails with TrailbikeTours.

TrailbikeTours in Aragon offer offroad tours to suit every rider's ability. Whether you've never been offroad on a motorbike before, or whether you reckon you're Baja Aragon or Paris Dakar standard, you'll love the riding in Aragon.

We're here because the riding's so good - Aragon is an undiscovered offroad rider's paradise.

Offroad motorbike tours - par excellence

Aragon tours are for riders of all abilities. For the lesser experienced offroad riders, we will put together routes which will develop your skills, whilst never putting you in the "fear" situation. We know what newer riders want and what we need to do to take them to the higher levels of offroad riding. We have more experience than anyone in the offroad motorbike touring industry, and pride ourselves in being good at developing clients into riding far better than they would ever have imagined. It's a combination of our experience, and the sheer amount of mileage that riders will cover with TrailbikeTours in our Aragon tours.

The Spain most tourists don't see
Experienced offroad riders will enjoy Aragon more than anywhere else in Spain - that we are sure of!! Aragon has a varied landscape - wide flat plains and rugged mountain terrain where we experience all imaginable types of trails, scenery and culture. It's a massive area, and has few inhabitants, so the chances are that we'll do a full day's riding, and never meet anything. There are numerous opportunities, all along the way, to go off the trail and "play about a bit" - you'll see the chances, as they've probably been used in the previous year's Baja, and the trails are still obvious.

Our base here in Aragon is one of the most picturesque, scenic, unspoiled, historic and lively rural towns in Spain. Yes, that's a big claim, but Valderrobres, (Vall-de-roures in Catalan), was the choice we made to set up only the third base in TrailbikeTours 14-year history. We only ride in areas where we want to ride, where we know you'll want to ride - and we know you'll enjoy Aragon!!

The best dirtracks in Spain.

Our Aragon tours started in October 2010. We will continue running our successful Terra Alta tours, where we have over 10 years experience in the area, and will run tours between our two bases of Valderrobres and L'Ampolla. The BEST of Terra Alta, and the BEST of Aragon together - offroad motorcycling doesn't get any better!!

Non-riding guests welcome.

Bikes, scenery, food - the perfect holiday

Check tour Prices & Dates or Contact us for availability.

Aragon - Terra Alta - Trans-Catalonia - Spanish Pyrenees - Trans-Spain - Russia

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